• Did Abraham Lincoln love horses?

    Yes, he did. He loved all animals, and when he moved into the White House, a couple of Nanny goats were acquired to keep the Lincoln Family’s horses, company. President Lincoln’s horse was “Old Bob”, and the President rode him personally, or drove his own coach with “Old Bob” as the coach’s horse. ( rather than hiring a Coachman). On February 10, 1864, the White House Stables caught fire, and burned to the ground. Unfortunately, Willie’s former Pony, Tad’s Pony, 2 horses belonging to the President, 2 horses belonging to the President’s Private Secretary, John Nicolay, and the all the goats perished in the fire. When the President saw the fire, he rushed through a crowd, which had gathered, and began to break open one of the large doors with his own hands; but the building was full of fire, and none of the horses could be saved. The President had to be restrained by soldiers from rushing into the inferno. The officer in charge of the security detail he led Mr. Lincoln back to the White House. Later, the President was seen weeping at an East Room window.