• Which Element has odor of rotten eggs?

    No element has the odor of rotten eggs, however the odor is associated with sulfur because where sulfur is found naturally (in volcanoes) some of it forms a compound with Hydrogen to form Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and this compound has the smell of rotten eggs (it is also extremely poisonous). It is made up of Hydrogen (elemental symbol H, atomic number 1, ion H+) and sulphur (elemental symbol S, atomic number 16, ion S2-). It is commonly known as “Sulfur” in the US. Other places, such as the UK, use “Sulphur.” Have you ever smelled a real rotten egg? enzymes that break down the egg are not necessarily sulfur content. these enzymes occur naturally in the earth. these are the same enzymes that break down everything that is deteriorating. from eggs to animals. this is what makes the egg smell like sulfur. but the same enzymes make your underarms stink and a dead body rot yet they all have a distinctive smell. they are not all the same in fragrance.