• How do you use motorcycles?

    Motorcycles are used for many purposes and for many reasons. First, there are people who simply like to ride motorcycles. This is because of a feeling of freedom often associated with motorcycle riding. You are more a part of the environment and nature than when enclosed in a car or a truck. Second, there are those who use a motorcycle because it is cheaper to buy and to own than it is a car or a truck. Third, motorcycles are used for competitive sports events such as racing and off road driving. Fourth, motorcycles are used by the traffic police and by the armies and military forces of almost all nations. many people use motorcycles in a combination of ways, for example because they like driving them, they are cheap to run and also use them for going shopping and to work. A fift use of motorcycles is for collecting and show purposes. There are people that collect motorcycles because they are interested in them. Some of them also show the motorcycles to others, for example in specially made showrooms. Motorcycle collectors sometimes collect only certain types or brands of motorcycles.