• How many people have died from not wearing a helmet on an ATV?

    36 people have died by not wearing helmetsThe statistics are not broken down that way. In order to get that number the reporting doctor would have to make the conclusion that the death would absolutely have been prevented by the helmet. That is easy to do if the only injury was a crushed skull but the set of injuries is seldom so clear-cut. If the person died with a skull fracture and a crushed rib cage, how do you know which injury killed the person? …could the skull fracture have healed if he had not suffocated from the collapsed lungs?The best you’ll find will be statistics saying how many were not wearing helmets when they were killed. That leads a person to conclude that the helmet would have saved the life of every person in every case.Statistics also bias the argument against riding without a helmet by not including those (small numbers, for sure) who didn’t die because the helmet that they weren’t wearing didn’t obstruct vision or hearing and allowed them to avoid the wreck in the first place; those who drove more carefully because they weren’t wearing helmets and so, didn’t have a wreck; those who got into a wreck and didn’t suffer a fatal neck injury because the extra 3 to 4 pounds of helmet did not add to the head’s momentum…Arguments using statistic usually miss the “but nothing bad happened” numbers.That said, only an idiot would get on a quad without padding, helmet and eye protection.