How do you get a doctor to release medical records to a member of the family?

How long does a doctor have to give you your medical records? Answer:In America, the primary body of law covering timely release of Health Information (HI) is codified under HIPAA: the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Kennedy/Kausebaum). HIPAA provides as follows:The Covered Entity (CE — Healthcare provider, Payer, etc.) must respond with requested information … Read more

Can a Veteran unlawful possessed medical record be used against him in a divorce?

What is the US record for most divorces by a person? Who holds the record for the most divorces in the world?When it comes to most divorces from monogamous marriages Glynn Wolfe aka Scotty Wolfe takes the cake.Glynn Wolfe, a former Baptist minister, managed the feat a heartbreaking 28 times throughout his life.The shortest of … Read more

What are two reasons to use automated dispensing machines in an inpatient pharmacy?

What did the fist vending machines dispense in us? “Vending (or “automatic retailing” as it is increasingly known) has a long history. The Greek mathematician Hero seems to have got the ball rolling in 215BC, when he invented a machine to vend holy water in Egyptian temples.” – Automatic Vending Association Coin-operated Vending Machines During … Read more


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