What are the 3 groups of Mollusks and their characteristics?

What are the characteristics of a mollusk? a shell, a soft body, a muscular foot, and a mantle – ALEKZA <3 Usually bilateralAdult gastropods are asymmetricalEpidermis of single layer and many unicellular mucus glandscilliated cells skin of visceral mass forms thin and delicate covering called as mantle or palliumThe alimentary canal is complete with mouth … Read more

What are four different groups of invertebrates that can be found in freshwater systems?

What what are invertebrate groups? Just a fraction of all known species-fewer than 50,000 are vertebrates, such as mammals, reptiles, anphibians and fish. The rest are inverterbrates appeared in the Earth’s oceans more than 650 million years ago. Today most inveterbrates still live in oceans, but they can be found in almost every habitat worldwide. … Read more

What are the eggs of a fish or invertebrate such as lobster are called?

Is a lobster an invertebrate or a vertebrate? An invertebrate, they have a carapace not a spine. Vertebrates – animals with backbones – are a subset of the chordates (animals with a stiff rod along the back), and include fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. All other multicelled animals, including lobsters, are invertebrates, including lobsters. … Read more


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